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Pennsylvania benefit limited liability company bill (H.B. 1398) signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf View
Ohio benefit corporation bill (H.B. 545) referred to the House Commerce and Labor Committee View
Pennsylvania House unanimously concurs with Senate amendments to benefit limited liability company bill (H.B. 1398) by 185-0 vote View
Pennsylvania benefit limited liability company bill (H.B. 1398) unanimously passes Senate by 48-0 vote View
Kansas benefit corporation bill (H.B. 2697) died in committee View
New York L3C bills (A01209/S03550) are referred to the Assembly and Senate Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committees, respectively View
Michigan reintroduces benefit corporation legislation (H.B. 5710); referred to the House Committee on Commerce and Trade View
Ohio introduces benefit corporation legislation (H.B. 545) View
Wisconsin benefit corporation bill (A.B. 59) and L3C bill (A.B. 60) fail to pass pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1 View
Massachusetts bill ordering the investigation and study of proposed L3C leiglsiation (S. 2145) is discharged to the Senate Rules Committee View
English version of Puerto Rico's public benefit corporation and L3C law now available View
Georgia introduces benefit corporation legislation ( H.B. 1052) View
Oklahoma reintroduces benefit corporation legislation ( S.B. 1121) and is referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee View
Kentucky benefit corporation bill (H.B. 50) passed in the House by a vote of 59-32 View
Iowa reintroduces benefit corporation legislation (H.F. 2063) and is referred to the House Judiciary Committee View
Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico passes Act No. 233, authorizing the benefit corporation and L3C forms View
ESELA: Mapping Legal Forms and Statuses Across Europe View
Proposed amendment to Hawaii's Sustainable Business Corporation Act (H.B. 1158) is carried over to the 2016 Regular Session View
Energy Map: Interactive Map of Social Enterprises Providing Clean Energy for the Underserved View
Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signs bill (S.B. 75) amending the Delaware public benefit corporation law View
Maine House of Representatives fails to override Governor's veto of benefit corporation bill (L.D. 1154) View
Oregon Secretary of State publishes list of all registered benefit companies View


Welcome to the Social Enterprise Law Tracker. Beginning in 2008, state legislatures began authorizing a new class of entities collectively known as social enterprises. These corporate and company forms are designed for businesses that seek to create positive social and environmental impacts in addition to financial returns.  These forms include the benefit corporation, the social purpose corporation (SPC), the low-profit limited liability company (L3C), and the benefit limited liability company (BLLC).

The Status Tool on this page visualizes how social enterprise law has spread across the United States. Select any state or jurisdiction for information about the social enterprise forms that are available, or are currently under consideration by the state legislature. All data collected and used on this site adheres to Sunlight Foundation’s Open Data Policy Guidelines, and can be downloaded for corresponding categories by clicking the link below the Status Tool map.

The Status Tool was developed by Rob Esposito and Shawn Pelsinger, with support from the NYU Jacobson Leadership Program in Law & Business, the NYU Stern Business & Society Program, and the NYU Law and Social Entrepreneurship Association.

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